Waldo's New Standard  8"x10" matted $20 Waldo's New Standard in Flight   8"x10" matted $20 Waldo's Stearman 8"x10" matted $20 Waldo's Stearman Cockpit 8"x10" matted $20 Waldo's Stearman with Smoke 8"x10" matted $20

Art of Waldo Wright's

You've enjoyed your flight, now enjoy the artwork of the plane you flew in!    
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My wife and I stopped by Fantasy of Flight today and I had the opportunity to fly in the Stearman with Rob. I was the Navy guy that was hoping to get over his fear of flying. I have to tell you I had the thrill. Yes, it will take time to be 100% percent comfortable again, but you really treated me well and I appreciate you talking to me and explaining everything before, during and after the flight. I REALLY had a great time and plan to return for another flight. You guys are the best! Thank you for the memories and a swell time. I plan on leaning more about the Stearman and we will do figure eight's next time. You both are really fortunate to work at something you truly love.

- Robert and Brenda Boatwright

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