Waldo's Fabulous New Standard D-25 1920s Barnstorming Experience

Currently available at Michigan location only.

$69.95 per person
 plus tax and fuel surcharge- 15 minute flight experience
Reservations accepted for 2 or more passengers. NO aerobatics.

To view a video of the flight, click HERE.

Carrying up to 4 passengers in a large front open cockpit, the New Standard D-25 was instrumental in introducing hundreds of thousands of people to their first airplane ride, back when aviation was in its infancy.

We supply the helmets, goggles, and scarves; you get to have all the fun! Maneuvers include lazy-eights, steep and shallow 360 degree turns, and maybe even a few "whoopty-dos."

Flights in the New Standard D-25 last 15-18 minutes, and take guests on a ride where they can experience the sensations of flight in the open cockpit. See, smell, feel, and hear the experience for yourself from our front cockpit! A minimum of two guests must be in the aircraft for it to leave the ground, and a maximum of 4 guests can be accommodated on each flight.

Height and Weight Restrictions:  Guests all ages and heights are encouraged to fly, but must be no more than 275 lbs.

Effective April 1, 2012, there is also a $6 per ticket fuel surcharge added to the ticket price as well as any applicable taxes.


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We were there this past Sat and you took our Uncle George Grimes for a ride. This met the world to him and to us. At almost 93 he will not be around to long. In his own words, this was the best day ever and he said he will never forget. And for him to fly the plane he learned to fly in at 18 years old in Navy colors was just icing on the cake. You and your Husband are wonderful people. Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...

- Randy Bryant

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